I Am a 2022 Motherscope Contributor!

Motherscope Magazine is one of my favorite platforms for sharing stories and experiences about motherhood. I have been fortunate to have my essays appear in two of Motherscope’s print publications: Choose Your Own Motherhood and Generations (pictured below). Last year, Motherscope’s publisher posted a call out for regular contributors to the magazine’s online platform. IContinue reading “I Am a 2022 Motherscope Contributor!”

Bold and Strong: Coffee Chat with Connie Biewald

Most writers have been advised at one point or another to write the book they want to read. Connie Biewald, author of Truth Like Oil, did just that. Fill your mug with something delicious, and join Connie and me as we talk about balancing a writing life, the joys of publishing, and the complexity ofContinue reading “Bold and Strong: Coffee Chat with Connie Biewald”

Bold and Strong: Coffee Chat with Author Kris Spisak

While I do provide some grammar instruction in my English 10 courses, Kris Spisak wrote the book on it. Literally. Her first book, Get a Grip on Your Grammar, was published in 2017, and it is a handy and clever reference book for those who want more information or would like to double-check commonly confusedContinue reading “Bold and Strong: Coffee Chat with Author Kris Spisak”