I Am a 2022 Motherscope Contributor!

Motherscope Magazine is one of my favorite platforms for sharing stories and experiences about motherhood. I have been fortunate to have my essays appear in two of Motherscope’s print publications: Choose Your Own Motherhood and Generations (pictured below). Last year, Motherscope’s publisher posted a call out for regular contributors to the magazine’s online platform. IContinue reading “I Am a 2022 Motherscope Contributor!”

Happy Birthday, Buddy

By Melissa Face “Whose birthday is it?” the woman at the bakeshop asked. “Buddy Holly’s,” I said, as I handed her my credit card. “Oh. Okay.” She smiled and passed back my card and receipt. During the pandemic, my family and I held several interesting celebrations. We hosted a Hollywood dinner party where we dressedContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Buddy”

Bold and Strong: Coffee Chat with Connie Biewald

Most writers have been advised at one point or another to write the book they want to read. Connie Biewald, author of Truth Like Oil, did just that. Fill your mug with something delicious, and join Connie and me as we talk about balancing a writing life, the joys of publishing, and the complexity ofContinue reading “Bold and Strong: Coffee Chat with Connie Biewald”

Bold and Strong: Coffee Chat with Author Libby McNamee

This month I am thrilled to be chatting with my friend and fellow Bookish Road Trip administrator, Libby McNamee. Libby is the author of Susanna’s Midnight Ride: The Girl Who Won the Revolutionary War and the newly released Dolley Madison and the War of 1812. Join us as we chat about Libby’s writing life, researchContinue reading “Bold and Strong: Coffee Chat with Author Libby McNamee”

Bold and Strong: Coffee Chat with Author Gail Ward Olmsted

In her novel Landscape of a Marriage, Gail Ward Olmsted (Yes! A relative of THE Frederick Law Olmsted) quotes Fred as saying, “…in a civilized country, no man should be expected to walk, let alone interact with others before consuming a sufficient amount of coffee.” I have never felt so close to someone I’ve neverContinue reading “Bold and Strong: Coffee Chat with Author Gail Ward Olmsted”